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Interior Design Ideas

Making Something More Out of Your Home Library

Create a lovely home library in a double level room
How to make your dream home library more homey, but with a look of elegance? Something important to keep in mind to make it nice-looking and comfortable for a perfect reading atmosphere.

Go Bold with Bookcases in your Living Room Interior Design

Adding depth and color to your living room is not just the task of your mobile furniture pieces. The couch serves its purpose, but can

Professional Articles

How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Ceiling

A lot of times the ceiling gets ignored. I like to think of the ceiling as the 5th wall in the room. Painting your ceiling

How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Would you like to make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank?  I have 5 tips for getting that luxury look for less. 

What about the hoops? Orbits, the unique urban chandelier

As the new generations become sensitive about our planet's fragility and more excited about reclaiming, recycling and upcycling, the need of combining quality with innovative

October's National Kitchen & Bath Month - Time To Get Started!

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